About me


Prakash Dhanabal  is an interdisciplinary scholar whose areas of expertise cross four fields: History/Philosophy of Science, Medicine, Applied Clinical Informatics and Improvement Science.  He is an honorary director of the Institute for Healthcare Quality [iHQ], Mumbai, India.

Prakash graduated in Medicine in 1991. Has six years of clinical experience in Critical Care and Cardiology. He has formal training in Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Healthcare Quality and Informatics. He also has deep interest in the humanities and has separate postgraduate diplomas/certificates in Indian Aesthetics, Bio-Ethics, Buddhist Studies.

Teaching interests:

Improvement Science: Currently teaches two courses on the foundations of Improvement Science.                                                                                                                                                                           Systems Thinking for Healthcare and                                                                                                           Statistical Thinking for Healthcare.

Under his stewardship the Institute for Healthcare Quality is committed to a broad-spectrum initiative in building nationwide ‘capabilities for improvement’.

Prakash has a special interest in teaching what he calls the Practice Sciences Curriculum: Clinical Epidemiology [including EBM], Delivery Modelling [including Health Economics] , Clinical Ethics, Improvement Science, Behavioral Health, Healthcare Informatics , Clinical Decision Making and Aesthetics of Care. They ‘enrich’ practice or are the conditions of ‘Practice Excellence’.

These courses on Practice Science are in the pipeline. You can express advance interest in  any of these topics  by writing to :  prakashdhanabal@yahoo.com

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