Systems Thinking for Healthcare. 

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To provide you with better understanding of systems thinking and its indispensability to improving healthcare. The link between systems thinking and action on the system is the main agenda of the course.


The seminar includes lectures, computer simulations, group exercises and discussion oriented toward better understanding of systems approaches, their theoretical origins as well as methods and tools and how systems thinking dovetails with improvement science..


This is an advanced course and you will benefit more if you have had experience in working in quality improvement. It would be advantageous if  have read Peter Senge’s ‘Fifth Discipline’ [1990]. It also would be a good idea for you to read Dr. Edward Deming’s  ‘New Economics’ [1993] and  Gerald Langley et al  ‘The Improvement Guide’ [2009, 2nd edition].

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Up-Coming Courses 

Statistical Thinking for Healthcare.

Course Registration will open on March 30, 2016.


To provide you with an easy access to the basics of practical statistics. Statistical Thinking offers a user- friendly approach to apply statistical reasoning in clinical and managerial practice. This course will help you understand the nuts and bolts of applying statistical process control , in the context of the continuum from Data- Information- Knowledge – Action.


The seminar is a ‘hands- on – the – computer’ workshop augmented with lectures and discussions. You will be lead interactively using healthcare data-sets to exploit widely available desktop spreadsheets and databases as a learning environment.


The course will begin with exposition of basics of traditional ‘statistical methods’ and then highlight the necessity and advantage of ‘Statistical Thinking’. It is recommended that you read Donald Wheeler’s Book ‘Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos'[1993]. Edward Deming’s ‘The New Economics [1993] would be helpful too. Those who have not had any exposure to research design and statistics could benefit by familiarizing themselves with the NMS series on Bio-statistics and Epistemology.This course does not require advanced computing knowledge, beyond that of the novice.

Note : The total number of participants is limited to 20. Participants are required to bring their own Laptops. Datasets would be provided during the seminar.

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