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Professional Education

1985-1991              : MBBS. University of Madras.
1997 March           : Diploma, Industrial Quality. World-Wide Quality Certification, UK.
This 8-days offsite program was endorsed by Genuchi Taguchi.                                                  2003-2004            : CPHQ Healthcare Quality Certification Board, USA. Not recertified.
First person to be certified in India.
2008-incomplete : MA Philosophy .Mumbai University.
2008                      : Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Vippasana. [Mindfulness], One year.
2007-2008            : Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics. Weekends. One year.
2009                      : Certificate in Clinical Ethics, St Pius Seminary, Mumbai.Part-time,One year.
2013- till date      : MA Philosophy .Mumbai University.

Professional Training

1991                      : Workshop on Clinical Epidemiology sponsored by McMaster University at                                          Children’s Hospital, Egmore, Chennai. Five days.                                                   1994                     : Basic Bio-Statistics. Institute for Research in Medical Statistics. Chennai.                                             Fifteen days, full- time.
1997                     : ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Certification, QMI Bangalore.
1997 July             : Quality Improvement of Healthcare, IHI Boston, USA.
Six World-Class Courses. Approximately 100 Physician CME credit hours.                                   2001                    : Statistical Process Control, National Institute for Quality and Reliability [NIQR],                                Chennai. Won the Post- Course Quiz.                                                                         2011                    : Lean Healthcare Green Training. Simpler Inc.
2011                    : Clinical Audit. One day program by NABH. New Delhi.
2012                    : Workshops in Evidence Based Healthcare led by Gordon Guyat. All India
Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS], New Delhi. Three days.
2012                   : National Accreditation Board [NABH] Standards review. Nashik, Four days.
2013                   : Philosophy of Science workshop, Indian Council for Philosophical
Research [ICPR], Lucknow, Ten Days.                                                                                                  2014                  : Philosophy of Mathematics, Probability and Quantum Mechanics.
[ICPR], Lucknow, Ten Days.                                                                                                                    2015                  : Scientific Realism Workshop and Conference, Tata Institute for
Social Science [TISS], Mumbai, Five days.                                                                                           2015                  : Mathematical Modeling and Applications in Technology, Somaiya institute
of Engineering, Mumbai. Five days.

Additional Short- Courses:

Clinical Decision Analysis at Society for Clinical Decision Making, 1997 Annual Conference, at Houston, Texas, One day.
Data Modeling & Database Design by Prof. Shamkat, GIT, Atlanta at Chennai.1999, Five days.
Cause of Death Statistics [QALYs] at Institute for Health Systems, 1999, Hyderabad, Five days.
Multivariate Statistics at Christian Medical College Vellore-One month full time. [ International Clinical Epidemiology Network [INCLEN]: Linear Regression. Logistic Regression, Survival Analysis.
Short Course on Health Economics.[INCLEN ] at CMC, 2001, Five days.
Deleuze Asia Camp and Conference, Manipal University, 2014, Ten days.
Scientific Objects and Digital Cosmopolitanism, Summer School at Manipal University, 2014, Five days. Sponsored by SSHRC Canada.                                                                                                       Philosophy of Hilary Putnam, Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], 2015, Mumbai, Four days.

Professional Skills / Knowledge

Medicine   : Critical Care and Cardiology.
Research   : Clinical trials, Outcomes Management, QI Projects, Survey Research, Quality- Of-Life                      studies.
Clinical Epidemiology/ Clinical Quality: Clinical Decision Making, EBM, Clinical –Pathways / Guidelines, Clinical Prevention, Disease Management, Hospital Infection Surveillance, Patient Safety, Improvement Science.
Quality Management: Team Facilitation, Process Mapping, Standards Writing ,Customer Surveys , SPC, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering, Lean-Six Sigma, Malcolm Baldridge Criteria, Performance Indicators, Micro- System methods.
Applied Clinical Informatics: Data-modeling, Database Design [MS_ Access; Oracle; SQL]; Data –analysis / Statistical Analysis [MS_Excel, SPSS, VBA programming].
Healthcare Information Systems: System Analysis, Electronic Medical Records, Data Warehousing, Patient Registries.
Quantitative Skills: Statistical Process Control, Advanced Biostatistics, [SPSS; Epi-Info, Stata], Cost Accounting, Case-Mix Systems, Risk-adjustment.
Teaching /Training: Quality, Epidemiology, Systems Thinking, Statistics, Philosophy of Science, Clinical Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Epistemology.
Project Management: Basic principles, Monitoring –CPM, PERT [MS_Projects].
Medical Records Management: Forms Design, Organization, ICD coding, Documents Management Systems, Records Review.
Foundational Theory: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Wittgenstein, Feminist Theory, Aesthetics, Ethics, Pragmatism, Post- Structuralism / Post Modernism.

I possess Intermediate to Expert knowledge in all of the above domains.

Career Achievements

A. Current Position: Leadership, Strategy and Academic Initiative.

Managing Trustee of Healthcare Quality Trust, Register No: E7470 under Maharashtra Registrar of Societies .Certificate issued on 3/7/12.
Founder and Honorary Director, Institute for Healthcare Quality [iHQ], Mumbai, since 2010. iHQ is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting Healthcare Quality in Developing Countries. It is the first Healthcare Quality Institute in India.                                                   Program Officer, a forum to promote Equity and Justice in Indian Healthcare.
Strategic Planner for, a hyper-local, collaborative to build ‘Improvement Capabilities’ in Mumbai’s Public Healthcare System.

Academic Initiatives

Designed the first course internationally on Improvement Theory:
“The Science in Improvement: the Epistemological Development of Quality in Medicine.”
This is supported by my forth-coming book: Healthcare Quality: Rudiments of Improvement Science.
iHQ also offers a unique Methodological Course- Series to promote ‘Improvement Thinking’ in Healthcare:
 Systems Thinking for Healthcare.
 Moral Thinking for Healthcare.
 Statistical Thinking for Healthcare.

I blog on academic issues at and since March 2010 and have offered several innovative concepts. I may be the first person to re-designate the discipline ‘Pragmatic Science’ as ‘Improvement Science’ in 2006. The blog has received two citations so far. I am confident of making seminal theoretical contributions to improvement theory in the near future.

MA Philosophy: Specialization in Philosophy of Science and Epistemology. Presented Papers in honour of Noble Laureate Prof Amartya Sen and was chosen to interact with him in the question answer session.

B. Past Positions: System Development, Methodologist, Clinical Auditor, Lecturer, Researcher.

Executive in Clinical Audit and Records. [PDHNH ]

Provided the methodological assistance to start a formal process of clinical audit and mortality review at PD Hinduja National Hospital [PDHNH] from May 2001 to September 2002.Submitted blueprint for a comprehensive Clinical Performance Management System.
Assisted the Director for Quality Improvement in carrying out clinical audits and was responsible for compiling monthly data and case-mix reports on clinical performance for all departments.
Submitted proposal for indigenous development and validation of DRG program at PDHNH.
Facilitated preliminary review and data collection for the Bajaj Award.[Modeled on MBNQA]
Provided advice to CEO on HSQ [UK] vs JCAHO accreditation.
Held additional charge of Medical Records Department , and was responsible for monitoring and compliance of Clinical Documentation Quality and auditing of Clinical Coding accuracy.
Provided functional inputs for the technical plan to digitally archive the health record folders.

Lecturer in Clinical Epidemiology [VMMC]

Resource person [Quality and informatics] for the workshop on new information system for RNTCP (WHO), held at Christian Medical College, Vellore,2001.
Taught undergraduates complete courses in Bio-Statistics and Epidemiology in the department of Community and Preventive Medicine of Vinayaka Missions Medical College [VMMC].
Program Officer for Healthcare Improvement and Clinical Informatics [SRMC].
Headed the department of Healthcare Improvement and Clinical Informatics at Sri Ramachandra Medical College [SRMC] , Chennai from 1998 to 2000.
This was the first department of Healthcare Quality in India.
Facilitated Clinical Audit committee, Medical Records and Information System Planning.
Programmed ICD coding software for the hospital. Developed a computerized Death Registry for the emergency department.
Designed a prototype for the outcomes analysis software for the intensive care.

Research Officer in Pulmonology [SRMC]

Epidemiological Study of Exercise Induced Asthma in children.
Clinical Trial of Salmeterol Rotocaps in Exercise Induced Asthma in Children.
Co- authored “ Quality Control in the Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory”. Won the best paper award at the National Conference on Chest Diseases, at Pune in 1994.

Clinical: Senior Resident in Critical Care

Six years experience in Critical Care and more recently rotations in Internal Medicine and Cardiology for four years. At SRMC, Willingdon,Tamilnad, Hinduja and Lilavati Hospitals. These are all premier tertiary care institutions in India.
I would rate myself as very competent in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Critical care.
In 1992, I passed both parts of USMLE, sitting for the exams on four consecutive days and was directly admitted to the Surgical Residency program at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I could not pursue it due to non-academic reasons.

Other Interests:

I have an interest in World Cinema, Theatre and Western Classical Music. [My favorite is Bach but like most people I hold the odd- numbered symphonies of Beethoven dear].I have an academic interest in Philosophy of Film. I am a 2014 participant of the intense twenty days FAP program at FTII, Pune and in 2016 attended the workshop on ‘New American Cinema’ by the Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda.
Joint-Secretary of Alumni Association of Sri Ramachandra Medical College .1999-2000.
Charter President, Leo Club of Nagapattinam 1984-85; Best New Club Award 1984.
Played State-Level Junior Basketball for two years’82-83. Captained School and College Teams.
Secretary, Literary Association, Montford High School, Yercaud, Salem, TamilNadu, 1980-81.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 21-10-1967
Nationality: Indian.